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13 Februari 2018

Oleh-Oleh Nonton Dilan: Sebuah Pesan

Tadinya saya nggak tertarik nonton Dilan 1990, tapi karena liat cuplikan aktingnya Iqbaal di Instagramnya yang menurut saya keren ya akhirnya saya nonton juga haha.. Habis nonton, tadinya saya sama sekali nggak ada niatan nulis review di blog, tapi setelah baca ulasannya Mbak Sazki di sini dan tautan ke tulisan Mbak April di sini saya jadi tergerak buat nulis.
7 Februari 2018

#bubujoan Part 1: Bujo Apaan Sih?

Alkisah, akhir tahun lalu gw tertarik sama bullet journal alias bujo gara-gara post-nya Puty ini. Seperti bisa diduga, beberapa hari setelahnya pun gw habiskan dengan obsessively baca-baca dan nonton video tentang bullet journaling 😜
22 Januari 2018

A Funny Thing

Every time I feel I'm on top of my game and deserving all the respect and praises I got, I accidentally do something foolish -- in public 🤣

What a great way to keep me humble, eh?
It's a much needed reminder, exactly when I need it the most.

And I thank Allah for that 😁

On Being Kind(er)

You know what, I often think that "kindness" is overrated.

I believe in the saying to "be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" but I raised my eyebrows to "if you have to choose between being kind or being right, choose being kind". I don't see myself as a kind person nor consciously try to be kind.

But then one day I surprised myself.
Gw ngerasa gw orangnya nyolot, tapi gw berhasil menahan keinginan untuk melanjutkan pembicaraan sampe gw "menang" pas ada yang gw rasa ngajak ribut.
Gw ngerasa gw orangnya ga sabaran, tapi gw berhasil ga nebalikin meja pas ada orang yang bikin gw nggak sabar.
I still yapped to my friends about that, but I took it lightly. Was that me being kind (or at least kinder than usual haha)?

I guess "trying to understand" always works for me. And I think finding my inner peace (more on this later) also help.

So how did it feel, being kind?
It felt surprising, then it felt good.
And I think I should do that more often, especially to my husband and my son :)
11 Januari 2018

midnight rambles

tonight i give myself a pat on the back,
laughed because of icha's instastory,
and found comfort (as always) in chat with budi.

i made a lot of mistakes in life.
i hurt people,
i underachieve,
i waste time,
et cetera et cetera.

but somewhere in my youth or childhood,
i must have done something good
to deserve my circle of friends.

my right people.
my people.

alhamdulillah :')