3 Agustus 2020

I'm Back!

This year has been weird and emotional for me (and I guess for many of you, too). Last month was especially crazy, I found myself losing the zen I achieved in the past two or three years.

And I just wanted to be back to my "root".
As I navigate yet another new phase of self-discovery, I know writing is one of things I should do.
So here I am, back to blogging after almost a year of hiatus.

I may be back for long, I may just be "back" for this one time and leave again. But well, here I am right now. It feels a bit scary, actually, but I'm doing it anyway hehe..

And so, how about you, dear friends?
How are you?
Let's catch up, shall we? :)

PS: I changed a few things in this blog to suit my 2020-blogging-self better. 
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