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13 Februari 2021

Cerita HP

 Setahun belakangan ini gw lagi banyak apesnya soal HP. 

Tapi semoga hari ini jadi awal ketentraman  per-HP-an gw.


18 Desember 2020

Holiday Blogging

It's funny how I finally write this "Holiday Blogging" first post when my holiday is half-over 😅 It's still summer break here but I'm starting to work on my research project so, yeah, it's not a full-on holiday-without-any-academic-obligation anymore for me. It's fine, tho, I'm still intending to write the holiday blogging posts anyway 😁


So.. how are you, guys?


If you read this, chances are we've known each other long enough for you to be in this space hehe.. Because I guess people are not reading blogs like they used to do, right? We're all over other social media platforms. I am, too, but I still feel like my blog is a safe place so I'll write more here. I may crosspost it to instastory, but yeah, I feel more comfortable here.


Oh, I'm rambling.. Sorry 😅


How are you?

This seemingly simple question may stump us nowadays. It stumps me sometimes. Because "how am I" is often complicated this year. If you want to answer this privately, you know where to find me. I really want to know and listen (or ramble together).


As for me.. Hmm.. Holiday freed up so much space on my time and brain that I can catch up on Indonesian news and some other things. In effect, it triggered my anxiety hahahahahahaha 😅 I didn't feel stressed out but hair loss and dyshidrosis came back as warnings. I'm surviving, tho.. I'm going back to my mindfulness practices and working on deepening the practice, and enough sleep + routine workout bring good mood and more sanity. 


So, there. My first holiday post.

See you in the next posts!

27 Agustus 2020

On Aiming

I've come to realise that our research (and whatever else we're doing) doesn't have to save, or change, the world. We don't have to always provide a solution. It's okay aiming to "just" capture. Then understand. Then understand some more. And keep building upon it until maybe, just maybe, we're gaining insight on how to shake it up a bit. Then tilt the scale a bit. And keep building upon it. All the while still doing the "capture and understand" part again and again.


Do your part right, one step at a time.

12 Agustus 2020

On Writing and Posting It

In this "sawang sinawang" world of social media, I often find myself questioning my motivation to write (and to post it on my social media account).

Why do I write?

Why do I post it?

Who am I writing for?

Lately those questions bugged me again through a different angle. 

Why do I not write?

Why do I not post it?

Who am I writing for?

I won't deny that it is not that easy for me to write and post as freely as I did years ago. "Write to express, not to impress" is challenging when I think about the responsibilities of posting your opinion nowadays. But well, I think that is the key: responsibility. Am I ready to be responsible for what I write? If the answer is yes, then it's okay to post it.


Ah, that paragraph above reminds me of why I like writing. It gives me clarity. I realised the key is responsibility when I wrote the sentence before haha..


So, there. I am unlearn-and-relearn-ing to write and post again. And I guess this process includes the courage and humility to acknowledge the imperfection of my thoughts and modify them when I meet new information. It is not easy, but I believe it is necessary.

3 Agustus 2020

I'm Back!

This year has been weird and emotional for me (and I guess for many of you, too). Last month was especially crazy, I found myself losing the zen I achieved in the past two or three years.

And I just wanted to be back to my "root".
As I navigate yet another new phase of self-discovery, I know writing is one of things I should do.
So here I am, back to blogging after almost a year of hiatus.

I may be back for long, I may just be "back" for this one time and leave again. But well, here I am right now. It feels a bit scary, actually, but I'm doing it anyway hehe..

And so, how about you, dear friends?
How are you?
Let's catch up, shall we? :)

PS: I changed a few things in this blog to suit my 2020-blogging-self better.