18 Desember 2020

Holiday Blogging

It's funny how I finally write this "Holiday Blogging" first post when my holiday is half-over 😅 It's still summer break here but I'm starting to work on my research project so, yeah, it's not a full-on holiday-without-any-academic-obligation anymore for me. It's fine, tho, I'm still intending to write the holiday blogging posts anyway 😁


So.. how are you, guys?


If you read this, chances are we've known each other long enough for you to be in this space hehe.. Because I guess people are not reading blogs like they used to do, right? We're all over other social media platforms. I am, too, but I still feel like my blog is a safe place so I'll write more here. I may crosspost it to instastory, but yeah, I feel more comfortable here.


Oh, I'm rambling.. Sorry 😅


How are you?

This seemingly simple question may stump us nowadays. It stumps me sometimes. Because "how am I" is often complicated this year. If you want to answer this privately, you know where to find me. I really want to know and listen (or ramble together).


As for me.. Hmm.. Holiday freed up so much space on my time and brain that I can catch up on Indonesian news and some other things. In effect, it triggered my anxiety hahahahahahaha 😅 I didn't feel stressed out but hair loss and dyshidrosis came back as warnings. I'm surviving, tho.. I'm going back to my mindfulness practices and working on deepening the practice, and enough sleep + routine workout bring good mood and more sanity. 


So, there. My first holiday post.

See you in the next posts!

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