12 Agustus 2020

On Writing and Posting It

In this "sawang sinawang" world of social media, I often find myself questioning my motivation to write (and to post it on my social media account).

Why do I write?

Why do I post it?

Who am I writing for?

Lately those questions bugged me again through a different angle. 

Why do I not write?

Why do I not post it?

Who am I writing for?

I won't deny that it is not that easy for me to write and post as freely as I did years ago. "Write to express, not to impress" is challenging when I think about the responsibilities of posting your opinion nowadays. But well, I think that is the key: responsibility. Am I ready to be responsible for what I write? If the answer is yes, then it's okay to post it.


Ah, that paragraph above reminds me of why I like writing. It gives me clarity. I realised the key is responsibility when I wrote the sentence before haha..


So, there. I am unlearn-and-relearn-ing to write and post again. And I guess this process includes the courage and humility to acknowledge the imperfection of my thoughts and modify them when I meet new information. It is not easy, but I believe it is necessary.

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